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Schools around the globe are creating holiday greetings to one another. Some of the students will be taking their holiday break in early December. To make sure that all the students are able to participate and receive all the greetings, we have created this wiki.

Just a wee warning message to all those who want to be involved: Whatever you submit (images, videos,etc) will be shown publicly so please make sure you are comfortable with that and any parents/school involved are.
The Advent Calendar broadcasts will be published on Twitter, Edmodo, Facebook and Google plus
AdventCalendar2.GIFAdvent Calendar of Christmas Greetings

Teachers - please click the Teacher link in the page navigation for more information. You will need to Join this wiki in order to edit it.

A beautiful Story of the Nativity by St Pauls in New Zealand:

Track Santa's travels round the world with Google Eath:

Liam created this presentation foe CESImeet but due to tech difficulties never got to broadcast in that forum .. enjoy ...

Watch the Muppets sing the Nativity Story to the tune of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody: "The Bethlemian Rhapsody"

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