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6563489-red-symbol-of-christmas-poinsettia-flower-isolated-over-white.jpgMerry Christmas and Happy Safe Holidays to our Global School Friends6563489-red-symbol-of-christmas-poinsettia-flower-isolated-over-white.jpg

It has been a busy time for all of us and we've loved being part of this project. Here are just a few messages
from our students, in Years 2,4,5,& 6. The Year Ones have been very busy with their Christmas production, " Santa's on Strike", so we've decided to add a video clip of their wonderful singing, we hope you enjoy it.

Some of our Year 5 & 6's have created a Glogster poster and Year 2's have left messages and a card for you.

Year 6 KM

Merry Christmas and a happy new year! From Kurtin - Year 4
Merry christmas and a happy new year from Gemma - Year 4
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Have a great holiday and Merry Christmas! From Grace W y6dp