Ms. Payne and her 2nd and 3rd grade book groups and 5th grade students will take some time out of our reading to create some greetings for students around the world.
I am excited to share with the MLS students how people in other areas of the world celebrate and I know my students will be excited to share how they celebrate!
Thank you for this opportunity!

If you would like to send us greetings, please mail to:
Erica Payne, Librarian
Meriwether Lewis Elementary School
1610 Owensville Road
Charlottesville, VA 22901

Ms. Payne's email address is Ms. Payne's Twitter is @epaynemls

3rd Grade Book Group
William - To celebrate Chirstmas, we get a tree,ornaments and decorations. We get stockings.
Brystol - My family likes to put out sugar cookies for Santa.
Katie - We have to go in a line from oldest to youngest and we wait on the stairs until Dad says it's time to come downstairs. We take turns opening presents.
Kira - We have a Hannukah dinner with latkes. We also get a Christmas tree for Christmas and decorate it with ornaments.
On Christmas morning, my sister sleeps so I sneak downstairs before her. After dinner, we play the driedel game.
Eve - I go to bed early so Santa will come faster. When everyone wakes up, we jump on my mom and Dad's bed and go downstairs.
We get our stockings and admire all of the stuff.
Charlotte - We decorate our tree and our house. And we make cookies and give carrots to Santa.
Hannah - We always get a tree from a farm. We decorate the tree with ornaments and we hide a pickle ornament. If you fimd the pickle, you get to hide it for the next person.
Kate - We have family and friends come over. We have Christmas Eve dinner. We go to bed early so Santa will come faster.
We wake up in the morning and take turns opening presents.
Katie - Do some of you celebrate Kwanza?
Kira - What do you celebrate in the Arctic?
William - What do you eat around Christmastime?
Ms. Payne - Do you get a winter vacation? If so, for how long?
Hannah - What do you celebrate and how do you celebrate it?
Brystol - What are some of your traditions?
Kate - Do you get presents? How old are you and what do you hope to get this year?

5th Grade